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We, Handyware Japan. Incorporation, have been established in October, 2017 as one of the family company in Handyware Group which headquarter is located in Philippines.
Thanks to the “GO-EN” with suppliers, customers, colleagues and with our partner Handyware Group’s companies, we have launched successfully.
“GO-EN” is one of the highly esteemed Japanese concept, which means in English “karma” or “bonds”.
These significant relationships have not been made because of not only focusing only on profitability, but also the sympathy in many points from the view of business, such as morality, philosophy, mutual respect, reliance and so on.

I believe the successful development is the most important purpose as far as we do business as a company, and in order to realize it. We shall share the “For the team” spirit among all the people in our company.
And only when we make it, I believe we will be able to start the real business with getting support and reliance from the relevant parties.
We, at Handyware Japan, will enhance existing “GO-EN” and try to get new one through our business from now.
We would highly appreciate your valuable support and encouragement.

Akira Harada, President and Chief Executive Officer

Company Profile

Company Name Handyware Japan, Incorporation
Address OMM Building 15F, 7-31, Ohtemae 1-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 540-0008, Japan
Phone・Fax Phone: +81-6-6945-6615    Fax: +81-6-6945-6605
President & C.E.O. Akira Harada
  • Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ)
  • Raw materials for food products such as seasonings and flavors
  • Car after market maintenance machines and materials
  • Freshness retaining material for food shelf life extension
  • Packing machines and materials
  • Food processing machines
  • Health care equipment